Summer Projects May '20

May 1, 2020

The details of all the projects can be accessed through the Projects page.

Due to the unprecedented times of the pandemic, the Science and Technology Council, IIT Kanpur decided to conduct all Summer’20 Projects in an online mode. So, Brain and Cognitive Society accordingly formed different groups for several interesting projects and different platforms like Slack were used by the projects teams to keep in touch. Although it was a new paradigm for everyone, all members worked hard to make it a big success.

Following are the projects that were completed along with feedbacks by some of the project memebers:-

Analysis of Reinforcement Learning

“The project paved my way into the world of RL and Deep Learning(DL) as DL methods are used to implement RL algorithms. I have developed keen interest in these fields and look forward to explore more in RL. As my first project,I got an experience of the whole process, i-e the documentation and the presentations that had to be done. Overall it was very nice experience.” - Aaryansh

Comparing Deep Neural Network Features With Psychological Representations

“This was my first Deep Learning project and it has cultivated a great interest for me in this field. I will definitely be looking forward to doing more DL/ML projects. The mentoring for this project was excellent and the guidance has helped us grow and even win the ‘Best Research Award’ in SnT Summer Camp ‘20. Very positively looking forward to doing projects with BCS again.” - Amartya Dash

Facial Expression Recognition

  • “This project was a combined effort of all the members, I enjoyed working on this project exploring the field of Machine learning. Managing a project needs a lot of team effort and interaction, though we had problems, but we managed our way out of them somehow and with the guidance of our mentor, we were able to finish this project.” - Arpit
  • “This was my very first project ever and I learned a lot through it. It gave me an opportunity to learn how a project is planned and implemented. How to look for information about a specific topic and yes, it definitely helped me to learn some basics of machine learning and much more. It was also a really wonderful experience to work with all my team members and solve every difficulty that we faced during this project and co-ordinate with each other.” -Tanisha Agrawal
  • “This project taught me how to read research papers and implement them . We began by exploring various techniques for pre-processing and using CNNs and LSTMs for classification.I had read a lot about them but this was the first complete implementation of the former. It has been a great learning opportunity and my interests in Deep Learning and AI have only increased since then. Overall, it was fun to work with all my teammates :)” - Bhavesh Jain
  • “This was my first project ever and I learnt a lot through it. I began from scratch and learnt various concepts such as Image Processing, Data Normalisation, CNNs and much more. It has been a great learning opportunity and my interests in Deep Learning and AI have only increased since then. Overall, the project was very interesting and it was fun to work with all the team members as well.” - Lakshita Mohanty
  • “This was my first ever project and it gave a very nice sneak peek into the world of machine learning, and made me realise the power of computing. Being an absolute beginner, I enjoyed reading through different papers and googling stuff to learn more about the process. This certainly has increased my curiosity to explore the field of cognitive science and I hope to be part of more fun activities and projects by BCS.” - Shruthi Sureshkumar

Mapping of Brain Signals

“The project made way to develop insights into a plethora of novel concepts and ideas which sparked curiosity and nurtured the interest and fascination we had while taking up this project. Weekly meetings, assigned work and a flexibility to execute our own ideas was a highlight. We had the opportunity to work with something completely new and incorporate the professor’s ideas and vision and though, we could not reach its culmination, at the end of the day we walked out with an amazing experience.” - Saksham Pruthi

Playing Atari with Deep Reinforcement Learning

“This project helped to learn a new and evolving field in Machine Learning. The Learning curve was steep but with the guidance of mentor and correct resources, the learning became fun. The Best part of the project was the model we built can easily beat an average Human player which is awesome.” - Sajal

The Connectome Project

“The project was very dynamic. We learnt a lot about how to organize a project. How to look for information regarding a specific topic. It was a fun and dynamical experience. Although we got stuck a few times, we reached out to many different people and got the appropriate help that pulled us through.” - Debaditya

The Omniglot Challenge

  • “The project was a great learning opportunity, the project focused on aspects like one-shot learning which opened up the exciting possibility of being able to replicate human learning capabilities using Machine Learning. This was my first project so it taught a lot about how a project is planned and how to move forward with ideas and try to implement them.” -Anmol Pabla
  • “Before joining the BCS, I had absolutely no idea about the computational aspects of Psychology. The project gave me a platform to expand my ideas above the general Machine Learning projects that I had taken. I really admire Shashi Kant as a mentor, his ideas were absolutely brilliant! I expect to complete my study by extending the project this semester. I would want to explore the field of Cognitive Science even more now, thanks to BCS!” -Som Tambe

Tweet Sentiment Extraction

“I learnt a ton of new things during this project. This was my first project under Snt Council. My mentor and team-mates helped me a lot and guided me. Before this project my knowledge of NLP/TSE/ML was very less. Now I have got a good experience on NLP/TSE/ML. After doing this project, I have developed interest in these fields of study and now I want to explore them more.” - Saad Ahmad


Shashi Kant, Avisha Gaur, Ishika Singh, Yatin Azad

Projects’ Participants

Aaryansh Mohan Bansal, Abhinaya, Abhishek Jain, Aditi Goyal, Aditya Gupta, Aditya Jindal, Aditya Prakash, Aman Agarwal, Amartya Dash, Ananya Gupta, Anmol Pabla, Anumam Yadav, Arka Das, Arpit Verma, Atul Yaduvanshi, Bhavesh Jain, Bhavy Gandhi, Bhuvan, Debaditya Bhattacharya, Deepika Meena, Falguni Yadav, Gagan Aryan, Gaurav Sharma, Himanshu Shetty, Kunal, Kusum Bunkar, Lakshita Mohanty, Mohit Kulkarni, Mrigya Gupta, Mukulesh Shinde, Muskan Goyal, Nikita Chauhan, Nishima Panwar, Padmaja Chavan, Prachi Singh, Pranav Kumar, Pranay Vandanapu, Rahul Sethi, Rakesh Potnuru, Rishi Dhakar, Rishika Saraswat, Saad Ahmad, Sagarima Datta, Sahithi Macharla, Sajal Goyal, Saksham Pruthi, Sampada Sinha, Samriddhi Gupta, Sanket Agrawal, Sanket Garg, Saurabh K. Gupta, Shakshi, Shashi Kumar, Shivanshu Tyagi, Shruthi, Sureshkumar, Som Tambe, Somya Lohani, Swapnil Singh, Tanisha Agrawal, Tushar Singla, Urbi Ghosh, Vaibhav Thakkar, Vansh, Bansal, Varenya Srivatava, Vatsal, Videeta Sharma, Yatharth Gupta, Yatish Goel.