A Network Model of the Emotional Brain

March 5, 2020

Speaker: Avisha Gaur, Third Year UG Student Department of Electrical Engineering
Title: A Network Model of the Emotional Brain (Review Paper)
Type: Paper
Paper: Pessoa L. (2017). A Network Model of the Emotional Brain. Trends in cognitive sciences, 21(5), 357–371
Abstract: Where does emotion reside in the brain? The key question addressed here is as follows: how is emotion instantiated in the brain? Thinking about the brain basis of emotion has fluctuated between a focus on regions and a focus on circuits. In the 1920s and 1930s, work by Cannon and Bard propelled the hypothalamus to the epicenter of the emotional brain At the same time, the idea that emotion depends on distributed circuits also was present in early work. Today, characterizing circuit interactions is believed to be key to unraveling how emotion is organized in the brain. Overall, this review clarifies why the impact of emotion is wide-ranging, and how emotion is interlocked with perception, cognition, motivation, and action. (Abstract taken as it is from the original paper)
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