Mapping of Brain Signals

July 1, 2020

Mentor: Prof. KM Sharika, Avisha Gaur, Yatin Azad
Project Members: Debaditya Bhattacharya, Muskan Goyal, Rakesh Potnuru, Rishika Saraswat, Sagarima Datta, Saksham Pruthi, Sanket Garg, Swapnil Singh


The project aims to fulfill its objective through a research study:
To find the effect of acetaminophen in empathy and social decision-making.

The goals hence, can be outlined as:

  • Understand the concept of empathy for pain and in this pursuit monitor and understand brain functionality to a certain aspect.
  • Learn EEG data processing and analysis using the EEGLAB toolbox of MATLAB.
  • Generalise and work towards automating the process of filtering EEG data.
  • Study, record, process, observe, analyse, discuss and present results obtained from the research study by implementing everything learnt to organic data.
  • Compile results and derive a comprehensible conclusion.

Poster: Link
Github: Link