Models of Memory

May 16, 2021

Mentor: Mohit Kulkarni
Project Members: A. Kedarnath, Amay Bhargava, Nilay Beniwal, Roylan Pais, Jaswant Kumar, Falguni Yadav, Akshay Mehta, Prajwal Arya, Deepalok Kaushik, Amartya S. Das, Aditya Prakash


Human memory can store large amounts of information. Nevertheless, recalling is often a challenging task. In this project we look at the past models of memory retrieval namely the hopfield network and the mean field theory. After the classical models, we also develop a more realistic sequential neural network model for recall tasks(For eg, NTM, MANN etc). After that, we will try to optimize and develop our own models of memory that may be

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