Why would you do that?

May 16, 2021

Mentor: Shivanshu Tyagi
Project Members: Ayushi Chaudhary, Siddhant Singh, Subiksha Shree S, Suyash Mallik, Akanksha Singh


Neuroeconomics seeks to explain human decision making, the ability to process multiple alternatives and to follow a course of action.In general, a population of people thrives when they depict some sort of social behaviours. Small individual choices can have a big effect on the population. In this project we’ll be taking a look at how multi-agent systems interact and produce macro effects as a result of micro choices, and how those results in turn affect the decisions of the agents. We’ll create a simple agent that can decide whether to show altruistic traits or not, in an artificial environment to maximise it’s chances of survival (We’ll create an environment also), we’ll simulate this on a number of populations with various constraints to find any pattern. Next, (if time permits), we’ll try to create a simple Q-Learning model / any other suitable model to take into account the variability in the agent decisions based on environmental input (reinforcement).

Documentation : Link